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So the time has finally come. You’ve questioned yourself, likely for many years.

You’ve been unsure of your own identity and place in this world. You’ve probably even tried to live your life in a way that you considered more ideal and less damaging to your loved ones. You may have felt hopeless. You have thought you were alone in this world. You are not. The Bangkok Gender Clinic is here to tell you that you are not alone, and you can be who you feel you truly are inside. You can be content, and let your beauty shine. We can help you become the person you are inside and out.

Please look around our site. We are confident that we are among the leading transgender medical clinics worldwide, utilizing established, state-of-the-art technology to ensure positive outcomes. We are dedicated to treat every client with respect and care of someone that is part of our family.

Facial Feminization

Facial Feminization Surgery refers to multiple procedures done that minimize masculine features of the face, and enhance the feminine features.

There is no particular defined marker that makes a single face look more masculine or feminine. We all are different, and in this world, it’s safe to say that no person is exactly the same. It is a number of different masculine or feminine characteristics that determine societal conceptions of gender. Read More

Gender Reassignment

Gender Reassignment is a reconstructive surgery that corrects the birth defect of being born to the wrong Sex.

Having a vagina will not “fix” your life. You have changed a private, but significant part of you and had it altered to match your internal sense of gender. Surgery should be looked at in a healthy manner. You should be doing it to feel complete and not anything else. Read More

Body Contouring

In transition from male to female, reshaping the body is an important component. An ongoing hormone regime can often times accomplish significant changes in shaping the contours of the body. The duration of testosterone exposure, can result in limitations to the changes than can be made. The Clinic offers numerous body contouring procedures, including liposuction for reduction of mass, body implants to emphasizing the areas where hormone-induced fat redistribution has not occurred sufficiently. Read More

Surgery and Transition

No journey is the same. The life that each every person leads is just as individual as is the experience of transition. From the beginning of trying to understand yourself, to seeing a psychologist, to the doctor referral to the start of hormonal therapy, the experience is 100% real, and like anything in life, is a challenge to be taken seriously, but to be lightened with warmth and humor.